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“Costume...It's the first impression you have of the character before they open their mouth...”

-Colleen Atwood-

I make clothing for imaginary people.

Originally from Warren, Michigan, I grew up in the suburbs and maintained a fairly average lifestyle, sprinkled with bits of flair from the entertainment industry I was so inspired by.

 I'm a recent graduate from Western Michigan University, with a BFA in theatre design and technical production, focusing on costume construction. I have worked in Kalamazoo, Chicago (Victory Gardens Theater), and New York (The Glimmerglass  Festival), and hope to continue to travel and develop my artistry. Currently, I am based in New York City.

I am always looking for new and technologically advanced ways to improve and advance theatre artistry, specifically in costuming, and I often do research based off of those ideas. Although I am slightly obsessed with new ideas, innovations, and creative ideas, I currently utilize traditional techniques and building materials for my projects.

In theatre, there is certainly a balance of realistic approach and hyper-creativity, and I strive to find those varying middle grounds.


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